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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Remember the dead: Fight like hell for the living

Today is the tenth anniversary of one of Scotland's worst ever industrial accidents. As I posted three years ago, the evisceration of the Health & Safety Executive begun by Tony Blair (always pandering to corporate chums who might slip him a few quid, never giving a shit about mere working plebs) was one of the causes of the disaster. Do I think that today he will have spared a single thought for the nine workers who might perhaps have lived if he'd been less keen on fuelling his bank balance and more interested in doing his job? I don't know: what do you think?

The old post of mine reminds me that this year I failed to mark Workers' Memorial Day on this blog back on 28th April. (That's another day on which Blair will have given no thought to workers, of course.)

Here is an article which was linked on the STUC site this year, and which I found quite distressing. Read it, and then remember why we need to keep on pushing for safer working conditions for all our workers.


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