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Monday, April 07, 2014

One can only sympathise with this deluded woman as dementia begins its slow march

Sometimes it's hard not to feel slightly sorry for poor Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Hitler fan and holocaust denier who runs the barenakedislam hate site. The professional Islamophobes who used to feed her with stories have largely deserted her, probably because of the way she manages to screw up even the most basic story. This one was proudly headed with guff about the "2015 Armenian genocide" until one of Bonni's sheep pointed out her error. The point is that the copy she was sent made no mention of a date: Bonni simply took perfectly good hate speech and turned it into rubbish. Or this, which fails to explain why a Muslim had a Nobel prize for Physics many years before any Israeli scientist got a Nobel. Now she's reduced to getting her stories mainly from the British Daily Mail (which has its own problems as we shall see) or from dodgier sources yet (see my next post). But sometimes she is reduced to truly pathetic straits in an attempt to find a Muslim angle on stories that have none - or which aren't even stories to begin with.

I mean, what are we to make of this? Bonni posts a video entitled "Scared by a leaf" of a dog barking frantically. How on earth do you get a Muslim angle out of that? Easy: you label it "It was as if the dog was freaked out by a Muslim in a burqa walking by". Yes, that's right. She really is that desperate. What next? A video of the Hindenburg disaster labelled "It was as if a Muslim had set off a bomb on board"?

Or this? Someone has been killing flamingos in Frankfurt Zoo. Some of the flamingos were beheaded. So OBVIOUSLY the perpetrator must be a Muslim, right?

Or this ("Did yesterday’s Fort Hood shooter, Ivan Lopez, ALSO have a jihadi name?"). So desperate is this woman to pretend that the Fort Hood shooter was a Muslim that after that headline she never again mentions the actual gunman, but posts photographs and miles of text about some other US soldier who IS Muslim, who thought about carrying out an attack but didn't, and who is now safely shut away in a psychiatric institution. WTF?

People like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller who run real, professional hate sites (and used to feed material to Bonni) may - and generally do - make stories up, but at least their stories are actually about Muslims. Bonni may never have cared about truth, but now she no longer even cares about credibility.


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