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Friday, April 18, 2014

Colour me sceptical

OK, this video has gone viral all over the place.

It purports to be footage from a traffic or security CCTV camera, but I'm not convinced. While I've seen nothing to debunk it yet, I suspect it's more likely to be from some Far Eastern equivalent of You've Been Framed, Candid Camera or the like. The sequence of crashes is so perfectly choreographed. You can tell from the beginning where the rider will end up. The vehicles (except the last) are all atationary or nearly so. No damage seems to be done to the scooter or its rider. Non of those collided with makes any attempt to stop the rider getting back on his scooter and riding off. Nobody gets cross with him, even when those he has just hit watch him riding into someone else. He goes broadside into a guy on a moped and the moped isn't even knocked over (as though the rider was braced for a side impact). The rider makes a melodramatic gesture as he falls into the pit. There is a visible splash of mud or water: what are the odds? And none of the onlookers seems remotely concerned that the guy who has just damaged all their vehicles has just fallen into a hole, possibly fatally.

I don't buy it. Sorry, but sometimes things are just too wonderful to be true. Remember Minority Report?