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Friday, February 28, 2014

World Rare Disease Day 2014

Today (February 28th) is Rare Disease Day. Actually the day is February 29th (the rarest day in the calendar) but 75% of the time it's celebrated on 28th. I take an interest in it as a sufferer from A1AD, but I think that in the spirit of the day I should highlight some other, even rarer, disease. This year I have decided to select Addison's Disease, an uncommon kidney complaint. Addison's Disease is what would probably have killed John F Kennedy had Lee Harvey Oswald not got there first. It is also the probable cause of Jane Austen's death, while Osama bin Laden was another suspected sufferer.

Spare a thought, then, this Friday, for all those suffering from rare diseases, and especially those with Addison's.


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