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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Paul Weston on poor misunderstood Anders Breivik, and how the wicked media fail to give his medication-induced wibblings the attention Weston feels they merit

Bonni, bless her, has reposted a diatribe from Britain's own neo-Nazi wannabe Paul Weston, Weston now leads (or more likely comprises) LibertyGB, the current incarnation of his fantasy of becoming politically relevant. Before LibertyGB he used to head the British Freedom Party, which like all these splinter groups of all-mouth-no-trousers activists tore itself apart over some vital issue of policy (probably the colour of the uniforms).

Weston's current ramblings are just too good to miss. Consider:

“Unfortunately for the decent, intelligent and moral people today, the Left have largely carried out their Long March and now control the institutions which form the thoughts and opinions of the vast majority of Western peoples.”

So the vast majority of Western people, according to Weston, are not decent, intelligent or moral. Yes, Paul, keep with the flattery, that'll persuade folk to vote for you. But seriously, why does he hate the West so much? What's wrong with being British?

“…….Hitler, Stalin and their present day Socialist comrades-in-arms……”

OMG, the old “Hitler was a socialist because it was in the name of his party” trope.

“In 2011 Breivik carried out his murderous spree, to the shock and horror of all decent people everywhere.”

Well, not so much shock and horror for the Cardiff organiser of the British Freedom Party, led at the time by, er, Paul Weston.

Breivik, of course, slaughtered his victims not because the were Muslims or even Muslim sympathisers, but because they were young socialists: children who were being brought up as "leftists". So how does Paul Weston attempt to distance himself from his fellow-fascist? By referring to "leftists" as " a disgrace to humanity". Yeah, that'll work.

The main point of Westinls piece is to publicise the most recent ravings of Breivik himself, because heaven forbid that we should miss a word that comes from the pen of the great man. Apparently he has now decided that the manifesto which he defended so vigorously at his trial was all just a wind-up: that he implicated so many "counter-jihad" hatemongers in it because he felt they were insufficiently right-wing. Yes, it was all just a dream.... Ia hardly ever find myself in agreement with "Mad Mel" Phillips, but when Breivik's original ravings were published she wrote:

First and foremost, this is treating Breivik as if his words deserve to be taken seriously and at face value. As of now, however, we don’t know whether Breivik is psychotic, a psychopath or under the influence of all the drugs he claims to have taken.
We also don’t know what part, if any, his political views actually played in this atrocity.
After all, since his target was his country’s Labour party one might just as well surmise that he was motivated by hatred of his father, who was a Labour party supporter and who was divorced from Breivik’s mother when the killer was a baby.
In any event, someone who travels to a teenagers’ summer camp and invites them all to gather round so that he can kill them all cannot be considered rational.

Yet when this delusional self-publicist (Breivik, not Phillips) announces that he made the whole thing up, Weston treats his fantasy with the deepest respect, as though it were Hitler himself publishing Mein Kampf from prison.

Finally, it seems that as a “left-liberal” (whatever the fuck that is) I have declared a "racial and cultural war on the indigenous people of this country". So never mind how many generations of English ancestors I have, never mind my living in Britain all my life, working for the government and several proudly British banks, never mind my C of E upbringing and my membership of the Scottish Episcopal Church, never mind my education at one of England's oldest schools: I’m a left-liberal so must hate everything I stand for, including all my family.

The man is insane. No wonder he feels such an affinity for Breivik.


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