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Thursday, February 06, 2014

And now, some music.....

Some music while you read. Here are Runrig doing Ard live. Written in one of those angry-as-hell-but-determined-to-get-something-positive-from-it moods, the day after the Conservatives had been elected in Westminster once again. I suppose if the referendum in September goes against independence it may be being played more often...

I heard this one last week in a coffee shop for the first time in many years. it bears up very well.

My quartet is currently practising the Schoenberg Quartet in D (1897) for a performance in a few weeks. I keep finding myself humming the variation that starts at 3:55 here. It's all good stuff though.

This one is getting played quite a bit, having been recently purchased.

And finally, The Scissor Sisters came up in conversation in college this week. So we have to have this one:


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