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Monday, January 27, 2014

Title from Elsinore, Plotline from Verona, Author from Hale, Book from Amazon

I have a friend (I know, amazing, isn't it?) called Sue Barnard. She was at the same college as my wife in our student days, and to be honest I can't remember whether I met her via Hilary (who at the time was going out with someone I knew through gaming and science fiction connections) or via my then girlfriend, who (like Sue) was studying French. Anyway, I knew Sue way back in 1974 or so, which is forty years back.

Sue, having spent her life doing various administrative jobs as well as raising two boys and looking after a railway signal engineer (so a kind of grown-up boy) to whom she is married, has found a new career as a best-selling author, or so it seems. Her first book isn't even published yet, but Amazon have it in their "Bestsellers" list. Here it is. I haven't seen a copy myself yet so I can't say from personal experience whether it's any good or not, but I have high hopes.

Sue has a blog entitled Broad Thoughts From a Home.

Go. Read the book. Enjoy. I'm sure I will.


At 27 January, 2014 12:45, Blogger Sue Barnard said...

Thank you, Rob! xx


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