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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How does Florida manage to keep lowering our expectations of it?

This story wouldn't be worrying in itself (well, unless you were a Florida taxpayer, I suppose). But the comment from the judge that the ruling was necessary "to prevent irreparable harm to hundreds of Florida prisoners who believe that keeping kosher is an important part of their religious beliefs" is difficult to reconcile with the fact that last summer Florida stopped providing halal meals for its Muslim prisoners. Which makes it very clear that this isn't about freedom of religion, but about how much more loudly, and with how much more financial inducement to Florida politicians, the state's Jewish lobby can whine compared with its Muslim lobby.

It isn't all that surprising. After all, this is the state which for a while permitted a man who was kicked out of the Army for torturing a prisoner to hold elected office. For that matter, a state which willingly harbours wanted terrorists. Why any British tourists want to visit when there are 49 better states always amazes me: the only way would get me there would be to hijack a plane I was in (something those terrorists know all about).


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