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Thursday, January 02, 2014

At this time of year we remember that God sent his son to Earth to save sinners: including Bonni and her fellow Nazis

Bonni the new York Nazi celebrates new Year by cheering the destruction by fire (cause unknown) of a Muslim-owned shop and apartment building in Minnesota. That thirteen people were injured, with six still in critical condition, is the cause for vast rejoicing by Bonni and her sheep. The very first comment, though is this:

Mark Norris JANUARY 1, 2014 @ 9:06 PM
My , my , my . What a fine bunch of CINO’s wishing misfortune to people of a different faith . You bigots make me ashamed to be an American !!!

Bonni of course simply tells him to leave America and go to the "Islamic hellhole" of his choice. But it's good to see other folk rattling the Nazis' cage now and then.

See a less exultant report of the fire here. It strikes me that Bonni (who has incorrectly assumed that the building was a mosque) is totally ignoring the likelihood that some of the injured were non-Muslims, or even firefighters. But then why would she care? So long as some Muslims were hurt, she's happy.

UPDATE: three bodies have now been found, presumably corresponding to the three persons originally flagged as missing. Two have been identified: if the third is the other missing person then he is a US Army vet, not that Bonni cares about that. She has posted an update which adds nothing except guilt-by-association because the Minneapolis victims were mostly of Somali origin and there has recently been a suicide bombing in Mogadishu. How this is supposed to be relevant to people who were in a Minneapolis hospital at the time beats me.

Of course, Bonni's joy and that of her sheep passed all bounds when a few days later there was a stampede is a crowd at a mosque in China which caused the deaths of eight adults and six children. Bonni had a lot of fun at the expense of the victims because apparently only animals stampede (Bonni's grasp of the English language is pretty poor, even for an immigrant.) I do hope that some time Bonni tries to make that kind of joke when a relative or friend of one of the victims of the Hillsborough or Ibrox disasters is in earshot. Actually, come to think of it, the metaphor shouting "fire" in a crowded theatre originated with a human stampede in Michigan, and America has had its share of similar disasters. But why would Bonni worry about any of those incidents? Striking leftists, fans of rock music, English and Scottish football fans (Bonni's loathing for all things British is exceeded only by her loathing for her own country). I am convinced that the only reason Bonni reports on Muslim terrorist attacks is so that she can gloat over the primitive brown people killed (it's a different story, of course, if an Israeli Jew or a white American is hurt). That and the opportunity it gives this death-fetishist to upload pictures and videos of mutilated corpses. She and her neo-fascist supporters take a delight in slaughter that goes far beyond anything the original Nazis could be accused of (they took no special joy in murdering Jews, gays and the like: they viewed it in the same way I view spraying an annoying wasp.)


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