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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To be banned once more by a supporter of book-banning and book-burning is an honour I shall cherish

Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Holocaust denier who runs a hate site from her apartment in Bayside, New York, has banned me again, which is pleasing. It's good to know that one provides a sufficient irritant to a Hitler-supporting creep that her supposed commitment to free speech and the First Amendment go out of the window.

So what did I post that so annoyed the poor sensitive fake "Jew" (who loathes real Jews almost as much as she hates Muslims) that after permitting me to poke fun at her dumb sheep she felt the urge to silence me? Well, I posted this comment on one of her endless posts cheerleading for the military dictatorship in Egypt:

Rob - DECEMBER 16, 2013 @ 11:09 AM

Obama isn’t MB because you have to be a Muslim to belong. Oh wait, you morons still buy the crap that Obama is a Muslim, right? The guy bought and paid for by Netanyahu, who murders Muslim civilians every day in drone attacks, who refuse to close Guantanamo and release the (mainly Muslim) political prisoners there. The guy who puts every obstacle in the way of freeing Palestine, who has sat on his hands while Egypt’s democratically elected government was replaced by a brutal military dictatorship. He sounds about as Muslim as you guys: which of course he is. Though he is an American patriot unlike you traitorous scum.

Now most people would read that as a not terribly flattering description of a murdering Israeli shill in the White House. Not our Bonni, though. If I describe him as American rather than as a Muslim traitor, I have to go, it seems.

BareNakedIslam - DECEMBER 16, 2013 @ 12:21 PM

That’s about enough from you, Rob, you muslim asskisser. You can go back to trashing me on your blog which nobody ever reads or comments on. You are finished here. Defending the Muslim-in-Chief is an automatic ban. Buh Bye!

Funny how if nobody reads my blog Bonni herself knows that I write about her. But yes, I'll happily continue to trash her on this site. And she and her sheep are welcome to comment: I've had them here before. I shall just have to soldier on, bravely facing the loss of a neo-Nazi site where I can receive death threats for suggesting that murderers should be punished. LOL.

Meanwhile, the serial banner of people whose expression of their opinions scares her is getting her panties in a wad over her imaginary "banning" in the UK. I have her page open as I type: doesn't look banned to me. But hey, nothing elicits sympathy for ultra-rightists (from other ultra-rightists at least) like the suggestion that they might not be able to preach their filth to the entire planet 24 x 7. The screenshot she posts show that hate sites (which obviously includes hers) are blocked by default (or when Parental Controls are switched on) by O2 (one British service provider). Any O2 subscriber can change their settings and view her site or any other hate preachers, and users of other providers are unaffected in any case. Jeez. Talk about invented victimhood. Mind you, it says little for her ability to read what she posts.


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