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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Let's face it, going to the service might have reduced the funds available for his ice-cream mountain

Israel's fat waste of space Prime Minister decided that while he could happily spend $127,000 of taxpayers' money (most of it admittedly probably US taxpayers, who foot the bill for most of Israel's spending) on having a luxury bedroom installed in the plane taking him on a five-hour flight to London, he felt it would be a burden on Israel's delicate finances if he were to visit South Africa for Nelson Mandela's memorial service.

Of course, the facts that Nothingyahoo has spent his life promoting a system of government under which civil rights (and indeed human rights) are based wholly on race and religion, whereas Mandela spent his fighting for equal rights regardless of those factors; that Mandela was a freedom fighter who was imprisoned by fascists, and Netanyahu is a fascist who has imprisoned thousands of freedom fighters (and killed thousands more); and that his regime is the direct heir of the one which provided advanced weaponry (including assistance with a nuclear weapon programme) to South Africa's apartheid government; these may all have had some bearing on why the corpulent catastrophe couldn't be arsed to go. Plus it gave him time to devote to the introduction of new racist laws at home.

At least Jews around the world, and in Israel, are appalled by this open demonstration of contempt for a great man by a tiny wannabe statesmen. For God's sake, even Tony Blair saw fit to take a few hours off from making money to strut in front of a few cameras and mouth platitudes. David Cameron, another British Tory, who in his student days campaigned to have Nelson Mandela hanged, pretended to care about him once he realised the way the wind of world opinion had shifted. But Bibi has become so used to flipping the finger at world opinion when it complains about his vile human rights abuses, he's forgotten that you have to pretend to be a decent human being who cares about that stuff if you want people to keep on stepping in and saving your sorry ass from having the world's biggest task force dropping by to restore democracy and destroy your nukes and nerve gas. Poor chap: he'll learn when it's too late. Or maybe he won't: who cares?


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