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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Israel: a bad place to be if you're a non-Jewish child

As a corrective to all the Islamophobes who pretend that there is something Islamic about paedophilia, or sex trafficking, or slavery, here are a few interesting pieces to ponder.

Firstly, from the Human Trafficking Project, a grim report on sex slavery in Israel, which is a major hub for human trafficking. While it seems that the situation is gradually improving, it is nowhere near as wonderful as this complacent ex-cop from Tel Aviv would like us all to believe. And of course he blames it all on the wicked Bedouins, because only Arabs do that kind of thing. (Some of the trafficking is done by Bedouins, though: see here.) Some senior officers still serving with the Tel Aviv police like to imagine that the problem doesn't exist, or that all the fourteen-year-old prostitutes in town are selling their services willingly, as though giving anal sex to strangers was just a way of supplementing pocket money like working on a supermarket checkout.

Meanwhile, non-sexual slavery is alive and well in Israel (while not bad by Middle Eastern standards, it has some work to do to catch up with Lebanon, Tunisia and Egypt).

And (though this is hardly a surprise given the IDF's penchant for using children for target practice, as human shields, or simply for blowing them up indiscriminately) the brave heroes of the IDF are masters not only of child abuse but of child sex abuse. Gosh: who'dathoughtit? it's not as though Israel was a safe haven for wanted Jewish paedophiles from around the world, or anything like that.

I'm not suggesting that there is anything uniquely Israeli in any of these crimes, though the IDF does seem to have an especially poor record when it comes to abusing - and indeed slaughtering - any children who come within its sphere of influence. But to suggest that Israel is in any significant way better than other countries in the region when it comes to slavery, child abuse or human trafficking is simply to lie.

Of course, the crazy rabbis who keep screaming that non-Jews exist only to serve the needs of Jews, and that killing them is perfectly legal, help to perpetuate this sort of thing, however marginalised they may appear. Like their crazy Islamic counterparts, they may appeal to only a tiny fraction of the population, but if some of those followers get into the IDF, or into positions of influence elsewhere, they can act as a brake on any attempts to address these issues.


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