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Monday, December 16, 2013

Is Bonni getting soft?

Yes,I'm talking about THAT Bonni: Bonni Bensotock-Intall, the Holocaust-denying New York Nazi who loathes democracy, elections, America, Britain, Europe, gays, women.... pretty much anything except European neo-Nazis, Teapublicans and military dictatorships. Why would I say she might be going soft? Well, regular readers will know that she banned me from commenting on her hate site Bare Naked Islam some time back. Every now and them I have attempted to post a comment, and have always failed moderation, which is pretty much what I expected.

Well, a few days ago I read a post on her site in which she reckons that there is a "Massive show of public support" for a Royal Marine who was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to ten years in jail for the little matter of murdering a wounded Taliban prisoner. Well, actually I''m pretty sure there is no such thing. Most people in Britain have never heard of ex=Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman. If they have, most almost certainly would agree with the comments of the judge who sentenced him:"You treated that Afghan man with contempt and murdered him in cold blood. You have betrayed your corps and all British service personnel who have served in Afghanistan, and you have tarnished their reputation." So I thought I'd let Bonni and her sheep know that at least one Brit wasn't afraid to stand up and support decent soldiers against murderous crapheads (actually there are a few other comments on her blog critical of Blackett). Here's what I posted (and the comment to which I was replying).

JW - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 4:43 AM
They should give him a medal he’s doing what he’s been trained to do …save lives,there’s a hidden aganda here, they probably need a scapegoat, they usually do!

REPLY Rob - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 11:56 AM
And whose life did he save by shooting an injured prisoner? FGS, he said he thought the guy was dead so he must have been in a pretty bad way for the lying swine to think he could get away with that one. What threat exactly did the guy lying there bleeding pose to anyone? Was he going to convert all the Marines to Sharia Law with his magic Islamic mental powers? Was he going to scare them to death by saying “Boo!”? Or was the terrible risk to us all that someone might have felt sympathy for a guy shot to bits by the cannon of an Apache chopper?

Saving lives? Don’t make me laugh. The guy was having a bit of look-at-the-size-of-my-dick fun with a helpless guy: a bit like Allen West. Much as I hate to say anything positive about THAT piece of shit, at least West had the sense to shoot to miss (and of course his pals in high places fixed it so he never had to stand trial).

Well, to my surprise Bonni allowed the comment to stand. She replied to it:

BareNakedIslam - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 12:02 PM
BNI Readers, Rob is an angry Brit who has a website that continuously calls me a Nazi and trashes stories posted at BNI and its readers. One would think he is a Muslim but he isn’t. Fortunately, virtually NOBODY reads or comments on his website.

Well, maybe not many people comment, but enough read it that some of my comments about Bonni are linked quite widely. For example, this post is linked, among other places, on an American Jewish site listing Holocaust deniers.

Anyway, cage duly rattled, let's collect the thrown shit:

Mrs. Pharaoh - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 12:20 PM
Rob since you are NOT a Muslim, I think you should be dropped in the middle of these savages and you can talk “reason” with them. LOL, good luck with that! My husband is from the Middle East, you have NO IDEA what you are talking about! Your sense of reality is a fairly tale!

Chubee_ex_Muzz - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 1:59 PM
Rob, where was your indignation when one of your own blood brothers was truly murdered in cold blood? Like all leftists you will ignore atrocities perpetrated against your own people but cry huge crocodile tears about a terrorist who was engaged in acts of terrorism, wounded he may have been.

Kumar Subramanian - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 3:55 PM
Mrs. Pharaoh, I have a better idea. Let’s drop Rob’s wife or girlfriend (if he has either) into a pile of Muslims in a mosque and let’s see how she deals with them. Rob might get some common sense.

AlreadyDead - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 4:44 PM
Why don’t you move to Afghanistan then? Why don’t you live w/the scuzzlum apes you seem to admire so much?

Peter35 - DECEMBER 10, 2013 @ 6:12 PM
Oh, jolly well said old chap!! Now let me be realistic, listen you naïve, masochistic, England hating P.O.S., why don’t you just trot along to the mosque and hug some of your buddies; what’s that? They’re not back yet from raping English girls? Or killing old men and/or women?

With people like you, no wonder England is in such a bloody mess—traitorous bastard!!

randy63ism - DECEMBER 11, 2013 @ 8:45 PM
So Rob, you’re a regular UAF Nob, huh? Useful idiot too, it appears, and just like leftist scum, full of self-righteous narcissism as well.

Spend much money on mirrors and combs?

Well, it would have been impolite of me not to reply to such fan mail, and once again Bonni allowed me to psot a comment.

Rob - DECEMBER 13, 2013 @ 8:26 AM
Bonni – I call you a Nazi because you have posted that Germany needs Nazis to deal with its “Muslim problem”, quite apart from your calls for Americans with brown skins to wear signs to show whether they are or aren’t Muslims. Your calls for the overthrow of Britain’s and America’s elected governments and the execution of judges and journalists who say things you disagree with: all straight from the Nazi playbook too.

Mrs Pharaoh – do you think Afghanistan is in the Middle East? Buy a map, sweetie.

Chubee – when Lee Rigby was murdered I was calling it murder. I hope the pieces of shit who killed him get sent down for at least as long as the murdering Marine.

Kumar – I have a wife, thank you. When the Edinburgh Mosque had one of its regular open days we dropped in. Everyone there was a lot less scarily nutty than the regulars on this site.

Already Dead – (from the neck up at least) – why the hell should I move to Afghanistan because I think murderers should be punished? Or indeed because I think Muslims are human beings and not “scuzzlum apes”? If anyone is an ape round here it’s you.

Peter – I moved to Scotland years ago. try to keep up. And while the Muslims I meet every day are something of a mixed bag, none of them rapes or murders anybody. I haven’t hugged any of them though: perhaps I should?

Randy – please, I’m not LIKE leftist scum, I AM leftist scum and proud of it. Though how you reckon my comment is full of “narcissism” defeats me. I make no great claims for myself: hell, an amoeba could out-think Bonni and all her sheep. I don’t spend much on combs, being completely bald, and only need a mirror for trimming my beard or squeezing the odd zit.

Finally, I may be angry at a lot of things, but you guys are too hilarious to get anyone angry. I realise you don’t know any better, so it’s cruel of me to giggle, but there we are. I never said I was perfect.

No responses to that so far. I don't expect any from Bonni (if she was going to respond she would have done it by banning me), but I have little doubt that some passing sheep will be drawn to the comment box like sabre-toothed tigers to the La Brea Tar Pits. I'll keep you posted.....

UPDATE: this response from "ADHD":

ADHD - DECEMBER 15, 2013 @ 9:37 PM

So, Rob, you’re PROUD of being a leftist – i.e., a Communist???

I think it would do you a ton of good to lose your Western citizenship (regardless of which country you’re from) and be dumped into North Korea for at least 10 years, then Saudi Arabia for another 10 – and finally Iran for yet another 10.

Perhaps you then would know better to value our Western civilisation, values, morals and culture: until then, you’re just a good-for-nothing TRAITOR who otherwise would richly deserve to be hung – and, while still alive, cut down, drawn and quartered!!!!

To rebut a couple of your “points”:

- Afghanistan IS still on the periphery of the Middle East, tending to Central Asia;
- your saying that having our “elected governments”, “judges and journalists” (to which I’d add our leading bankers, lawyers and probably a good part of our academicians!!) overthrown and executed is “from the Nazi play-book”: the Commies have so PERVERTED ALL of these bodies as to require drastic action!!! [Furthermore, that's EXACTLY what the Commies like Kún and subsequently Rákosi and Gerö in Hungary, Zhivkov in Bulgaria, Gheorghiu-Dej and Ceausescu in Romania - and above all, Ljéñin and Stáljin in the USSR did left, right and centre; consequently your being proud of being "leftist scum" is truly worse than PATHETIC!!!!]

You Commies have murdered 120,000,000 people IN COLD BLOOD over the course of 96 years (since 1917/11/07, and even earlier in your internecine struggles in fact). Is that something to be proud of?!???

DEATH TO ISLAM, COMMUNISM, NAZISM and ALL other tyranny and totalitarianism, PERIOD!!!!!

I've posted a reply thanking him for the death threat and pointing out the honour I feel at being called a traitor by someone who in the same comment thread calls for the overthrow of the US government and the murder or exile of its leaders. I also mention that I can't decide which is funnier: that he calls me a Communist because he knows of no other political ideology further left than Nazism, or that he insists that Afghanistan is "on the periphery" of the Middle East, despite its being further from, say, Israel than Italy is.


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