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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bonni the pretend Jew parades her pretend feminism while helpfully linking an article skewering fakes like her

Well, let's kick off the seasonal trashing of Bonni the Bayside Nazi. Here she is complaining about "feminazis" (yes, really: she still lives in the past, a foreign country where people talked about feminists that way). The article she links is a terrific piece from the Guardian which Bonni is too stupid to realise is exactly about false-flag feminists like her and her sheep, who don't give a shit about women except to use "misogyny" as a stick with which to beat Muslims. Bonni illustrates the piece with reports of Muslim rape victims who were punished for reporting the rape: no mention of the same problem much nearer home, which is precisely Ms Penny's point.

The comments by Bonni's sheep are classics of their kind. As well as the kind of comment Laurie Penny refers to in her article, suggesting that she should be sent to Afghanistan to be stoned, there are some wonderful illustrations of the prevailing attitude to women at BareNakedIslam. Bonni herself accuses "feminazis" of "turning little boys into sissies". Other commenters (some of them supposedly women!) attack the idea that women should receive the same pay as men for equal work; suggest that she should read the works of the serial liar and benefit fraudster Ayaan Hirsi Magan; accuse her of being a lesbian who wants to grow a penis; and finally simply call her a "twat" (because nothing bespeaks concern for women's rights better than reducing them to walking vaginas). (Another commenter actually calls women "owners and operators of vaginas", which says it all.)

I'll leave the last word to Laurie Penny herself:

I am not writing here on behalf of Muslim women, who can and do speak for themselves, and not all in one voice. I am writing this as a white feminist infuriated by white men using dog-whistle Islamophobia to derail any discussion of structural sexism; as someone who has heard too many reactionaries tell me to shut up about rape culture and the pay gap and just be grateful I’m not in Saudi Arabia; as someone angered that so many Muslim feminists fighting for gender justice are forced to watch their truth, to paraphrase that fusty old racist Rudyard Kipling, “twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools”.


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