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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Feed The Birds

Joe In Vegas recently posted some pictures of the hummingbirds on his feeder. I have to say that until I saw some of his earlier pictures I hadn't realised you got hummingbirds in the southwestern USA, but when we went over there this summer we were looking forward to seeing them. We weren't disappointed. Mostly we saw them on feeders (including Joe's) but in Disneyland we saw some on real flowers, which was cool. I was very impressed by the ones in Joe's garden: while we were visiting with Joe and B there was an enormous cloudburst (supposedly the heaviest single shower that Vegas had experienced since 1951). It drove us in from the pool, but seemed to have no effect on the hummingbirds, which kept on feeding. What with their small size, I would have expected them to be grounded (I can't imagine many British birds flying in that kind of rain except for things like geese) but they seemed completely unfazed by it all.

Here (reprised from my Route 66 travelogue) is the best shot I got of hummingbirds. These were on (or nearly on) a feeder at the Bottle Tree Ranch at Oro Grande, CA.

Writing the title reminds me that I'm very much looking forward to seeing this when it opens here in a few weeks time. Funnily enough I didn't particularly enjoy Mary Poppins as a child: maybe it was Dick van Dyke's accent, or maybe it was just a bit too saccharine-y for a boy. But I came to love it, and I remember with great pleasure reading the books to my daughter. They're great for that, as children get to the age where they can appreciate them before they get to the age where they can read them unaided (Travers' prose takes no prisoners, and the first two books have structures that mirror each other in a way a child might miss). Vanessa and I enjoyed finding the bits in each book which had been incorporated (often very much modified) into the film.


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