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Monday, October 07, 2013

Let's play "Fantasy Fruitcake" with Bonni the Bayside Nazi

Here's our favourite Holocaust-denying antisemite asking "Is Geico’s popular ‘Hump Day’ commercial offensive to Muslims?"

Er, no. Why would it be? Do you imagine that Muslims share your own bizarre obsession about sex with camels? (I wonder what Mr Intall the "retired Marine" with organised crime connections thinks about that? Maybe you should ask if he feels offended.)

And in the comments under this post (which attempts to whip up some kind of anti-Muslim hysteria over a prank by Saudi teenagers such as happens all the time in the USA) a commenter called revereridesagain indulges his own fantasy by claiming that "There were nearly 60 people who lost limbs when two muslim savages set off bombs at the Boston Marathon in April." That would be the sixteen who actually lost limbs in the bombing, and the forty-four he wishes had done so to indulge his love of blood and gore.