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Sunday, October 13, 2013


Visiting Phil's blog for the first time for a while, I found a few good posts (well, duh, of course I found a few good posts, it's Phil after all): one on the legal aspects of military intervention in Syria, one (for September 11th) on Victor Jara (of whose songs I am shamefully almost ignorant) and a lovely piece on Pete Bellamy. Here is my personal favourite recording of the latter.

Bellamy ran a sort of one-man campaign for the rehabilitation of Rudyard Kipling, and the restoration of his work to the centre of English culture. He certainly inspired me to go off and read the man's works, and I think he was right. Hell's teeth, Kipling got the Nobel Prize for Literature, and you don't get those by sending in box-tops even today. He was the first writer in English to get it, and to this day remains its youngest recipient (he was 42).

As for Victor Jara, apart from his own songs his greatest epitaph is surely Adrian Mitchell's poem, set to music (as it surely should be) by Arlo Guthrie.

Oh - nearly forgot - Phil also linked to what seems an excellent new blog on (UK) legal matters. I hope it doesn't vanish once the immediate concern which brought it into being (over the government's proposals for radical change to the legal aid system) is alleviated (which seems likely, I'm glad to say).


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