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Thursday, September 12, 2013

On this day.....

.....in 1297, the battle of Stirling Bridge was fought in the 'First War of Scottish Independence'. William Wallace and Andrew Moray defeated the English near Stirling.

Also on this day, Sept 11th 1997, the Scottish devolution referendum was held in which the Scottish people supported the restoration of the Scottish Parliament.

It's conventional to remind people of the overthrow of the elected government in Chile by a US-backed military coup on September 11th 1973 - but let's not forget the happier anniversaries too.


At 13 September, 2013 18:34, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

So, the vote went for independence?

At 17 September, 2013 01:50, Blogger Rob said...

The vote is this time next year - but the polling data now shows significantly more for independence than against. The undecideds are still the key though. Still, until recently I though independence was a great idea but that probably we wouldn't get it. (Or not this time - it took two referenda to get our own parliament back.) Now I'm not so sure: we might just pull it off.


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