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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's not "creeping sharia" that Newham needs to worry about, it's creeping creeps from the murder industry and their attendant atrocity whores

I don't often feel ashamed to be British, but just occasionally there is a story on the news that makes me feel that way. This one, for example. Not so much because of the greed of Britain's grotesquely taxpayer-subsidised mass murder industry, nor even for the sycophantic drivelling of our Defence Secretary (just one of many MPs desperate for corporate kickbacks in exchange for all that public subsidy of an otherwise uncompetitive industry). No, what really made me feel sick was the hangers-on; the ghouls; the creepy profiteers from the vile after-effects of the murder trade.

Close to stands showing off modern lethal weapons is the medical and disaster relief zone. "They do the damage, then they come to us for help" is the refrain among exhibitors there.

Exhibitors include Amputees In Action, which advises and helps to train British troops. They act as a consultancy for emergency services as well the armed forces, and also provide amputee actors and stunt artists for the film and television industries. AIA proudly describes itself as the BBC's "preferred agent".

These guys may like to portray themselves as humanitarian operations, but they would be devastated if there were no more wars to provide them with their profits. In a way they're even worse than the weapon makers, who get their money even if nobody is hurt by their products. These at-arm's-length creeps only make their billions after people have been killed or maimed.


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