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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fun, fun, fun

I'm just about to replace my car. Not the big family vehicle which is in Hilary's name, but the little runabout which these days gets used allmost as much by the kids (and Ruairidh's drum kit) as by me. I have reserved one of these beauties:

as I got an excellent deal on it. I shall be selling my existing car to my daughter, who has been wanting her own wheels for a while now. The logistics of picking the car up are slightly complex, so it will probably be just over a week before I get my hands on The Vehicle To Be Known In The Saunders Family as Connie.

I'd decided to buy Connie before I realised that its distinctive styling had been arrived at by way of Facebook crowdsourcing. But not before I made a trip out to the showroom with my son's bass drum to make sure it would fit in through the hatch (it does, just).

Having only ever owned two cars (one very briefly between inheriting it and selling it) which weren't Citroens, it will be rater comforting to return to their somewhat quirky fold. None more quirky than this hymn to minimalism, of which I still have very fond memories despite its being the only car in which I regularly had to spray de-icing fluid onto the inside of the windscreen on winter mornings (no fan in a 2CV).


At 11 September, 2013 16:22, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

I can picture the car salesman when you showed up with a drum.
Getting a black one?

At 11 September, 2013 23:56, Blogger Rob said...

I had warned the salesman in advance, but the looks on the faces of the other customers were rather fun.

And all C1 Connexions are black with red trim. Come to think of it, that's the colour scheme of my favourite football team, AC Milan. Better and better.


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