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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The lunatics may not have taken over the asylum, but they've seized the Israeli Ministry of Defence

I often enjoy poking fun at the ignorance of right-wing loons in the USA and here in Britain over matters of history and geography. But just to show that I'm equaly happy poking fun at the historical ignorance of a right-wing loon in Israel, here is a classic from the Israeli defence minister, Moshe Ya'alon. He was making generally pessimistic remarks about the chances of success of the current round of talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and came out with this:

"We have been trying for 20 years, since Oslo, and for 120 years since the conflict began."

Fact One: Israel is sixty-five years old.

Fact Two: the "conflict" which the talks are addressing began in 1968 when Israel invaded and occupied the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and Gaza. Prior to that the Palestinians may have been pissed off that Israel had stolen their land, but as Israel's right to its territory was internationally recognised, including by the UN (as of course it still is) there was no "conflict", simply resentment.

Fact Three: 120 years ago nobody had even begun to think of inventing Israel as a country. As a place, "Israel" existed only in the Torah, where it had formed part of Jewish mythology for thousands of years. The idea that there might be such a country seemed as far-fetched as the creation of an actual Laputa, or Cloud-Cuckoo-Land. (I nearly said Narnia, but Narnia was invented a year later than Israel, in 1949.)

Whoever Ya'alon imagines was trying to make peace with the Palestinians in 1893, it wasn't the Israelis, because there would be no Israelis for another fifty-five years. And this balloon who doesn't even knpw when his own country was founded, is in charge of what is euphemistically called "Israeli defence".

Of course, in 1893 Israel didn't exist, but Palestine did. Here is a map from that year to prove it.


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