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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Route 66-ish Day 27

This was a day of clingy goodbyes with Chip and Eddie's grandchildren, slightly less clingy ones with Chip and Eddie, and then heading north up the Pacific Coast Highway. The plan was to get out of LA as directly as possible, then head up Highway 101 until Highway 1 branched off. Unfortunately, our GPS (an American one borrowed from a friend in Edinburgh) decided that this would be an excellent time to quit on us, and not all the cajoling, swearing, bribing, switching-off-and-on-again or running-down-the-batteries persuaded it to rejoin the trip. So Escape From Los Angeles turned into a longer drama than expected as while we knew where we wanted to be we didn't know how to miss the traffic. There's a lot of traffic in LA: who knew?

Eventually we hit Highway 101 and passed through various places, which while interesting enough weren't photogenic enough to stop for. We got somethign to eat in Santa Barbara, then by a combination of good luck, directions copied down from the web when we stopped somewhere with wi-fi, and our daughter's sharp eyes, we found the Courtesy Hotel in San Simeon. In between times we had a Close Encounter Of The OMG Kind when several deer strolled out onto the road and I came closer to hitting one than was comfortable.

So no pictures: this was primarily a day of covering ground, ready for the much more scenic run tomorrow.