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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Route 66-ish Day 26

Having missed out on decent views of blue whales on day 24, we had half price vouchers for another trip, and decided to give it a try. We'd been advised that trips in the morning were usually less rough and thus would give a better chance of decent views, so we got up fairly early and headed off (without our hosts this time as they had work to do). And guess what? we did indeed see whales: seven altogether , including the mother and calf we'd seen in the distance before. We were able to get quite close, and the noise of the largest animal in the planet's history exhaling at 170 mph is quite something, let me tell you.

Well, what did you expect? Jacques Cousteau? It's really hard to get a decent picture of something which appears in random places for a couple of seconds at a time while you're on a moving boat. Hilary got this one.

After spending around half an hour coasting about among the blue whales, we headed back towards the shore, encountering a snother school of common dolphins before passing a bell buoy on which a group of California sea-lions were basking. Well, most of them were on it.

In the afternoon I went with Eddie and the grandchildren to the local Vietnamese supermarket, mostly because I'd never seen a Vietnamese store before (it isn't an ethnicity we get much in Britain). On the way we passed the world's largest plough (or as the Americans spell it, plow).

The vegetables and fish were certainky different from anything we'd see at home.

In the evening Chip and Eddie cooked us a lovely meal and then we took our drinks out to the pool. A great end to a great day, and a wonderful stay in Los Angeles.