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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Congratulations to Mo Farah on achieving the "double double" of World and Olympic titles at both 5,000m and 10,000m, making him the most successful British athlete in history.

Now what was that again about Muslims making no contribution to British society?

And I bet all the toads who say that Muslims are not fully British even if their parents and grandparents were born here are happy to accept Mo Farah's medals as British even if they think of him as a sub-human alien.

Actually, I've always found it funny that the folk who bleat about the evils of immigration (and it's always Muslim immigration, never the far more numerous folks from Eastern Europe) will tell you how these brown-skinned immigrants are all on welfare and never work, and then in the next breath will moan that all the shops on their local High Street are run by "Pakis", and that they can't find a barber any more who isn't Turkish. Still, you don't go to Paul Weston or Tommy Robinson or Nigel Farage for consistency, and if you can hold two diametrically opposed positions then you can flip-flop as you wish to dodge criticism.

Of course, the predominance of Asian shopkeepers in small corner shops is scarcely a new phenomenon (though the Turkish barber boom is fairly recent). The later 1960s and early 1970s saw the rise of what were pretty universally referred to as "Paki shops", not with any racist intent but simply as a shorthand for the kind of we-sell-everything general stores which began to spring up, mostly owned and run by Pakistani (or by what would soon become Bangladeshi) families. And let's not forget that the vast majority of Britain's "Indian" restaurants have always been run by Punjabis and Bengalis, many of them Muslim and indeed many of them hailing from Pakistan or Bangladesh rather than India. I often wonder whether the drunken thugs of the EDL, when shovelling curry into their faces after a hard day's drinking and rioting, realise that according to their own propaganda they are subsidising terrorism and funding sharia law. It's a happy thought.


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