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Friday, July 05, 2013

Spoiled rich kid, suspected of coming to Europe to organise terrorism, is deported and spins sob story to gullible journalist

Another example of our government's getting it right when it comes to protecting the British people from undesirable or downright dangerous people trying to sneak in comes from an unnamed (I wonder why) British airport. Immigration officers did their job by investigating an American Zionist who had made repeated trips to terrorist training camps in the occupied West Bank. They obviously weren't satisfied with the smug git's answers to their questions because they put him on a Europe-wide terror watch-list and deported him back to the USA. (They withheld his passport until arrival in the US, obviously considering him likely to try to escape from custody and enter the UK illegally, to do whatever he'd planned to do when he set out.) Of course, the spolied entitlement junkie whined that it was because he was Jewish (because, you know, a US passport has your religion clearly marked on it, right?) while his Dad and the dodgy bloke who was going to give him "work experience" started making up tales of "anti-semitic remarks". Funnily enough no complaint was made to the UK government abut that: it was just a niche little invention to feed to a lazy journalist. Whoever heard of an American with such a grievance (if it could be backed by any kind of evidence) who didn't turn up with a troupe of lawyers and a million-dollar lawsuit?

Of course, if the problem had actually been that Chip Cantor was Jewish, or that he had "visited" Israel, we wouldn't let in thousands of Israelis every year; and if there was any significant antisemitism in Britain we would hardly be one of the most popular destinations for holidaying Israelis.


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