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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Route 66(ish) Day 23

Not Route 66 (except for brief moments as we navigated the LA streets) but still going. This was our first day in Los Angeles, so naturally we visited Hollywood. But before gazing in rapture at the Walk of Fame, the hand- and footprints on the sidewalk, and all the rest, we visited the Paige Museum at the La Brea tar pits. These, as any reader of Stephen Jay Gould will know, were - still are, really - pits of liquid asphalt into which a large number of Ice Age animals (mammoths, saber-toothed cats, condors, giant ground sloths as well as millions of tiny ones such as rats, mice, dragonflies and the like) blundered and became stuck as though on flypaper. Every ten years or so there appears to have been a major capture where something got stuck and a host of hungry predators tried to get an easy meal and were trapped in turn. The place is totally amazing: not only one of the world's primary palaeontological sites (with enough material to keep the scientists busy for several centuries) but really well displayed.

The pits are still there.

Excavation is continuing.

One of the large finds.

One of the small ones.

The pits have yielded up a lot of wolf skulls and eagle leg bones.

Pausing only to be amused by the existence of a La Brea bakery in Orange County (we wondered if they were famed for their sticky buns) we moved on to West Hollywood, where my children absolutely insisted on visiting this place, selling everything Hogwarts and everything Whovian.

Then on to the traditional joys of Hollywood.

We were staying in LA woith our friends Chip and Eddie Clark, and by the end of our Hollywood trail Chip had had to take his grandchildren home to bed, while Eddie and the tourists went on to a delightful dinner at a restaurant (Ammo) serving Californian cuisine. It proved the perfect end to a busy day.

After La Brea, this has to be the music.


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