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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Route 66 Day 8

Our longest drive of the holiday until the Las Vegas - San Bernadino leg, today's journey was from Lebanon MO to Oklahoma City. We stayed on old Route 66 pretty much all the way until we were into Oklahoma, then because of the distance we had to go we transferred onto the Interstate.

We checked out of the motel, got ourselves breakfast at the diner we'd visited last night....

...then hit the highway. We'd had eleven Dutch bikers on hired Harleys as neigbours at Munger Moss, and we were to encounter them a few times during the day. One of those times was as we were just leaving the gay Parita Sinclair gas station at Paris Springs, MO. The owner's daughter was very friendly and chatty, and gave us complimentary soft drinks (we did buy a few things in the gift shop).

Just before we got to Paris Springs we passed this guy's house. The gas station lady hadn't heard of him: as she said, there's always something new on Route 66.

In Carthage we saw the Route 66 Drive-In, which was ra ther a thrill for people who had only seen drive-ins in TV shows and films before.

Then it was into Kansas, and out again into Oklahoma.

Then on, and on, until we reached Oklahoma City, where we are staying in a hotel near the airport. We went into town to get dinner and see the National Memorial to the victims of Timothy McVeigh's bombing. The memorial is very moving: row upon row of empty chairs, some of them small ones for the children killed. Each chair with a name, and all illuminated after dark.

The bird in the second picture, appropriately enough, is a Mourning Dove.

Two pieces of music whose relevance you'll easily be able to spot.


At 09 July, 2013 16:59, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like you are seeing a lot. I hope you all get along sitting in that car all day.


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