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Friday, July 05, 2013

Route 66 Day 4

Our first day on the road today. To ease our passage out of Chicago we had the satnav on, finding us a route to Pontiac IL. Or we thought we did: we began to have doubts when it took us past the signs for I55 and St Louis and on into Indiana. Which is when we found that Hilary had had a slip of the cursor and targeted the wrong Pontiac. We pointed it at Joliet and got back on track soon enough.

Before too long we began to pass sights we'd seen in books or on Billy Connolly's TV series on Route 66, such as the Winslow Giant:

and some great old gas stations.

In Pontiac we saw the murals for which it is famous, as well as the converted bus in which Bon Waldmire used to drive around selling his art.

Then, after passing a place called Mahomet, we entered an immigrant community which has kept its tradiitional way of life by rejecting much of modern American technology and culture; where women keep their heads covered, and where car parks have rails to tying up horses for those who exchew the motor car. Yes, we were in Amish country, in Arcola IL.

Personally I think it's wonderful that immigrant communities can maintain a distinct identity while living cheek by jowl with modern car-driving, beer-swilling, secular Americans.

Arcola's biggest claim to fame is that the Raggedy Ann doll was invented here. And while enjoying the lonesome train hooters by the railroad tracks, I realised from a mural (Illinoisians love their murals) that one of the trains that passes each day is the Chicago-New Orleans City of New Orleans. Which solves my problem of finding a suitable piece of music to encapsulate the day.


At 05 July, 2013 15:03, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

A photo of the start! Thanks for the ongoing posts.


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