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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Route 66 Day 2

Well, it was different.

Hilary had woken up on the morning of our flight with a bad toothache, so we figured the first thing we needed to do when we got to Chicago was fond an emergency dentist. We were too late arriving on Monday, so I spent this morning with Hilary (1) finding an emergency dentist who examined her (2) locating the specialist in root canal work he referred her to, one who could deal with wonky twisted roots (3) finding a pharmacist for painkillers and antibiotics. Which was at least an unusual start to visiting Chicago. All sorted out though. H was described by the specialist as "a real trooper" for her staying power during 90 minutes of dentistry. He also mentioned that all three roots of the tooth were infected, which I suppose makes it a trifecta.....

After that we went round Millennium Park, wandered round the lakefront, visited the Chicago Cultural Center, had a ride on the L, had Chicago deep pan pizzas and then went up the Willis Tower. That was enough for Hilary, who headed for bed. Ru and I attempted to locate Rosa's blues club from our map, failed, gave in and switched on data roaming on my mobile phone, paying a very worthwhile £20 to find that while we were heading in the right direction we had about two more miles to walk through a wrong-side-of-the-freeway area. Whereupon we gave up. We know where Buddy Guy's Legends is for tomorrow though.

We haven't found the beginning sign yet, but here was our first sight of Route 66 itself

Here we see two normal pizzas for the parents, and a mega-pizza for our son. (He ate three-quarters of it, which was pretty amazing.)

Here are the others standing in a glass-floored box at the top of the Willis Tower. And I was taking the picture from the adjacent box.

And here is the first track from my Route 66 playlist:


At 03 July, 2013 15:18, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

How long have you been planning this trip? What are the main things you have planned (must do list)? What prompted you to travel rt 66?

At 03 July, 2013 16:43, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

You can get free wifi at all the Starbucks around the country

At 04 July, 2013 04:33, Blogger Rob said...

Joe - planning in principle for about nine months, but beyond getting the air tickets we didn't start booking stuff until around Easter.

Why R66? Well, we'd had a ski trip to Colorado for our daughter's 21st birthday, our son fancied a road trip, and it must be the most famous road trip there is. Plus there was a TV series in the UK with Billy Connolly doing it (on a 3-wheeled motorbike).

Must see? Well we reckoned a Chicago blues club had to be in there (which nearly didn't happen as our son isn't 21 until our last day in Vegas - see today's post). The Gateway Arch in St Louis, a Mississippi stern-wheeler, the Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Monument Valley, Vegas (not least because of your presence!), the Golden Gate and Alcatraz (we're heding up the coast at the end). Plus our kids want to see Disneyland. We've since added some other places as we found out about them (some old-style motels, an Amish community, a wolf sanctuary, etc.) We've tried not to over-plan, so as to leave room for the unexpected.


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