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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Route 66 Day 17

And another new state: this time, Nevada.

We started out with a pretty cool bit of old Route 66 leading down to Seligman, which is full of wacky Route 66-related and other retro stuff. It's Roadrunner country (we think we saw one) so this shouldn't have come as a surprise.

Seligman is where Angel Delgadillo used to run a barber shop as well as founding the movement to have Route 66 considered as a historic amenity.

And someone there loves their Edsel.

In Valentine, we visited the "Keepers of the Wild" zoo. No apologies for yet another zoo: this one is wholly concerned with exotoc animlas which people have kept as pets and then either abandoned or had to get rid of because they couldnlt look after them. It speaks volumes for the lifestyle of some affluent Americans that they might consider a Bengal Tiger a suitable pet, or a Grey Wolf.

Then we crossed into Nevada, with the temperature climbing to 106 or so. The Hoover Dam exceeded expectations: a tremendous picee of engineering, as is the new bypass bridge.

Then we arrived in Las Vegas, with this view from our bedroom window.

Let us celebrate Arizona, which I have just left. It really did have a sky full of little fluffy clouds.


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