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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Route 66 Day 16

And so to the Grand Canyon. I guess ever Route-66-er visits it: along with the Meteor Crater it's the most famous natural feature on or near the route. We decided to take the train up from Williams. Unlike Billy Connolly on his TV show we weren't hauled by a steam engine running on recycled vegetable oil, though we saw that one. We had a splendid GM diesel-electric, and a lovingly-restored Pullman car to ride in. I hadn't realised that Williams, the last R66 town round here to be bypassed by the interstate, was in its death throes some years back when a smart guy bought the old Grand Canyon Railway tracks and some rolling stock and kick-started what is now a highly successful tourist industry here. The train journey was good fun: the car attendant is informative and funny, they lay on singers, and it's all a good appetizer.

So what was my first impression of the Canyon itself? Well, here is the picture of that very first sighting.

It didn't disappoint, not even after years of seeing pictures, though it took me a little while to get the scale of the place straight in my head. We were lucky that we're in the Arizona "monsoon season" so the colours are less dull and dusty than they are for a lot of visitors. We were even luckier to see a couple of the California Condors which have been very successfully reintroduced at the Canyon (no pictures though).

As that last picture shows, it began to rain - with impeccable timing - just as we were leaving. The rain followed us all the way to Williams and halfway back to Flagstaff where we ate again in the Galaxy diner. Back to Sedona, and bed (in my case, falling asleep on top and waking up in the early morning to do my blogging!)

A few choice snippets overhead at the Canyon rim: (1) Middle-aged American lady to man "Do you think we need to do Bryce if we've done Grand Canyon?" (2) American man, viewing the Canyon "This is just Soooo amazing!" Wife: "Yeah, honey, but where are we going to eat?"

Tomorrow - well, today actually - we're heading along some more of Route 66 (letting our daiughter have a drive) as far as Kingman, then turning up to head for Las Vegas via the Hoover Dam. On Thursday we'll be meeting JoeInVegas for the first time in real space, but I'd better not get ahead of myself.

As for the music, well, this seems appropriate.

But the only music that comes close to really doing justice to a view like the Canyon is good old Dicky Strauss. I kept humming this:


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