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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Route 66 Day 15

Today we investigated some of Sedona's attractions. Just out of town there is a zoo, well more of a "safari park" called "Out Of Africa". A friend of ours who did some of Route 66 had recommended it, and it was good fun. You get a trip round in a truck: some of the animals come up to the truck and the keeper gives them suitably healthy titbits. One of the giraffes is tame enough for the customers to feed bits of carrot. All the animals are bred in captivity (some are rescued from neglectful owners). They have a Siberian white tiger, and several other tigers who are sufficiently well-behaved around people to do a "tiger splash" display with the keepers.

That tiger was called Ezekiel. This next lady who appeared in a "large reptile" session was called Tapestry, and was bought from an owner who had hit her around so often she was originally very scared of people. Not now... I volunteered to be one of the audience members who initially lifted her out of her box (under supervision): there is a lot of Tapestry, who is a reticulated python (the kind they have in India).

Then we thought we might try walking the trail to Devil's Bridge. We got details and maps and whatnot from the ranger service, but after a few hundred yards of the 4x4 track to the trailhead we all agreed that this was a bit iffy. Maybe if we had a 4x4 of our own and drove it all the time, but in an unfamiliar vehicle whose capabilities we weren't sure of (we knew the ground clearance was great but had little idea of how the computer-controlled traction system would respond to the track) we chickened out and went back to the hotel for a swim and a Mexican meal.

I was going to attach a video of Tom Paxton doing "We're Going to the Zoo", but it seems there's no such thing to be had online (without digging for days, anyway). In fact there seems to be shamefully little Tom Paxton out there to be attached. Here, then, is one of my favourite songs (from anyone): the video is from a fan, but never mind that. Tom paxton fans of the world unite!


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