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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Route 66 Day 14

There are, as anyone who knows me will attest, damned few things that will get me out of bed willingly at 6.00 am. One of those things, however, is the prospect of watching sunrise in Monument Valley, especially when I don't even have to get out of my pyjamas to do it.

Then it was down to breakfast...

... before packing up and heading back to Route 66 itself in Flagstaff. Time for a classic view though:

In Flagstaff we collected our daughter (and Ruairidh's sister) Vanessa, who had flown out from Edinburgh the day before. Not without some nail-biting moments: an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 777 caught fire at Heathrow the previous day, forcing it to close for a while. Because of the closure all the airlines had planes in the wrong places so there were lots of cancellations, including the BA flights from Edinburgh to London before and after Vanessa's. But she made it, and although her Chicago flight was a couple of hours late she got to Chicago in time to have a very quick look round (the El, the Bean) before going to bed in the airport Hilton ready for check-in at somehing like 3.00 am. Then to Phoenix and on to Flagstaff.

As we were all going to stay in Sedona for a few days, there were a few things to do in Flagstff first. We had to get Vanessa added onto the car hire contract as an extra driver; we had to locate one of the old Route 66 giant figures for vanessa (who had missed the ones earlier on the trip); and we had to head back East to see the most famous meteor crater on Earth. Finally we got meal in Flagstaff's Galaxy Diner, which is a Route 66 classic.

After that we headed on down to Sedona, which is an amazingly pretty place, and where we're spending three nights in a motel by the (tiny) airport.

No special musical theme today, so here's a song we heard on the radio which I hadn't known but rather enjoyed.

And from the same lady (plus her brother) here's one I found which celebrates the 18-wheelers old and new we've been enjoying watching on the roads.

UPDATE: I suppose as we came through the marvellously-named Tuba City in Coconino County, AZ, I should have selected this:


At 16 July, 2013 15:54, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Is this trip converting you to country music or is it popular in Scotland too?

At 17 July, 2013 12:34, Blogger Rob said...

It's pretty popular in Scotland. There's even line dancing. I'm pretty sure I posted a review of the Dolly Parton concert we went to, the one where the tickets read "Dolly Parton: No Support" ! Every year in Glasgow there's a big Celtic music festival which spreads its net wide enough for the whole Celtic diaspora including country and bluegrass. (Actually these days it pulls in various kinds of world music too.) This year I saw Little Feat who I suppose are country rock really.

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