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Friday, July 12, 2013

Route 66 Day 10

On the way out of Amarillo we stopped at the town's most famous Route 66 attraction, the Cadillac Ranch. This piece of artwork was created by a collective called Ant Farm, and every now and then they resparay one or two of the cars so people have blank canvasses on which to spray their own art.

Then we headed West, passing the midway point of Route 66 at a good time for a lunch stop.

Then on through Glenrio on the TX/NM border, which has one remaining inhabitant (Billy Connolly interviewed her: we didnlt, but we heard her dog barking) and onto quite a long unpaved section of R66, which was great fun if very lonely.

After that a lot of R66 disappears under the highway for a while, so we sat on the Interstate and ended up getting to Marriott (our destination) really early. So we decided to push on to Allbuquerque, where we found a decent hotel pretty quickly, had a swim and then went out for a meal. We ended up in a Brazilian buffet which was great fun. On the way we passed a bar/grill called The Library where the waitresses appeared to wear thongs, knee-lenth white nylon socks, and skirts so short they wee barely visible bewteen buttock and T-shirt. I suggested maybe we should eat there as the waitresses clearly needed the tips to buy bigger skirts, but Hilary seemed unimpressed with my logic.

Here's a song that namechecks Albuquerque.


At 12 July, 2013 14:11, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

She wouldn't let you eat at the Library? Oh my.

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