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Friday, July 05, 2013

Oh what a giveaway.

Sometimes Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Jew-hating Hitler-worshipper from New York, lets her guard down. I mean, her site is supposed to be all about Islam, and not about race at all ("What race is Islam?" she is forever asking). So when she posts a link to a EDL video all about the evils of immigration (not Islam, not terrorism, just being from somewhere else) it's a bit of a giveaway. Better still, she witters on about "illiterate, uneducated, unskilled and unemployable Muslim immigrants" (but the video isn't about Muslims), while elsewhere on the EDL's Youtube stream there is a video complaining about how immigrants are taking jobs that should go to Brits (because they're cheaper to employ).

Poor Bonni. Caught out in Bare Naked Racism AND trying to convince us that all these brown-skinned "immigrants" are unemployable while her fellow-Nazis in Britain are whining that they're more employable than "Brits" (or at least than the kind of "Brits" who join the EDL). What a fucking idiot.

Pausing only to celebrate the Fourth of July by celebrating the overthrow of a democracy by a military coup (something her sheep are always calling for in the USA too), delighting in the spraying of swastikas on mosques (though her sheep complain that it wasn't properly drawn) and spinning conspiracy theories so wild they merely make her appear to have some kind of brain disease, she returns from hating America to her main hobby these days - hating Britain. Apparently Birmingham (England's second biggest city) is a "predominantly Muslim area". (Christians 59.1%, Muslims 14.3%. Oh, that kind of predominantly Muslim area - the totally imaginary kind.) Still, at least Bonni knows that Birmingham is in the UK, and not in Spain, where she locates most places in Europe she knows nothing about (ie places in Europe).

A fake Facebook message she pretends is from a Muslim extremist to the people of Britain is spolied only by the fact that whoever faked it forgot to change his avatar from the picture of Woody Allen. (Because crazed Islamists always identify themselves with rich, successful American Jews.) Incidentally, Bonni was sent the fake to post by her pals Geller and Spencer, thus completely vindicating the UK government for refusing to let them into Britain to spread their lies and filth here in person.


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