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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shits, lies and videotape

Bonni the Nazi buffoon really isn't very good at geography. Human geography certainly eludes her: take this post, where she informs us that "Mohammed" is the commonest boy's name in Britain today. Hmm. Let's try a site specialising in baby names in Britain. Is Mohammed the most popular? No. Is it in the top 40? No. OK, perhaps we'd better try another site. Nope: not in the top 40 there either. So was it maybe a more popular name in 2012? No: not even in the top 100.

Just another outright lie from the woman who makes her living from them.

Or take her recent post featuring a video clip from Paul Weston. Who? You may well ask: he leads a wannabe neo-Nazi political party called Liberty GB, which not only has no elected representatives but has never put up a candidate in an election. Stiil Bonni and her employers are touting this nobody as Britain's next Prime Minister, perhaps mistaking Britain for the kind of place where somebody with an gang of thugs behind him (Liberty GB and the EDL are very close) can simply wander in and take over. Britain, Bavaria.... so many letters in common. Anyway, Weston in his video blames "massive immigration" from the third world on Tony Blair, who apparently deliberately set about destroying Britain as soon as he was elected. (Gosh: I hate the man as much as anyone and even I never spotted that.) And just to make sure he was safe in this treasonous adt, Blair repealed our treason laws just after he was elected too. Now I'd heard that one before, from one of Bonni's regular sheep, a big Liberty GB fan who goes under the pseudonym of Linda Rivera. Here's what Linda had to say about it recently

Tony Blair and the Queen repealed the treason laws in the Crime and Criminal Evidence Act 1998

There's a good example of I'll-make-something-up-because-nobody-reading-this-site-ever-checks-stuff. The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 made a change to the law of treason in Britain. Do you know what it was? It abolished the death penalty for it, replacing it with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Treason is still exactly the same offence it was before Tony Blair became PM, or indeed before he was born. So why do these people indulge in such obvious lies? Partly it's to make their otherwise thin and unconvincing conspriacy theories sound as though they might have a basis in fact; but mainly it's just a total contempt for education, fact-checking, or any other "liberal" (read "British") disinclination to believe goose-stepping demagogues. In the same comment stream as Linda's lie we have "John" saying (about the murder of Lee Rigby) that:

.... there were Brit cops watching the muzz saw off the soldiers head and did nothing, just stood and watched and talked to each other, probably about what they were having for lunch. All they had to do is grab a rock, trash can , jump in a car to run them over, what ever but they are cowards. And that is who “protects” you Brits that cannot own a gun? They were very concerned about the wounded muzz murderers thought weren’t they?

Actually, of course, as anyone who saw the video footage played endlessly on the news will have seen, there were no police present until some time after the killing, and when they showed up they shot the perpetrators. Who the hell did "John" think wounded them?

In fact that whole post shows a delicious double standard. Bonni pours scorn on complaints of an anti-Muslim backlash following the Lee Rigby murder, sneering that it's all lies because "the vast majority of incidents recorded were anti-Muslim messages on Facebook and Twitter". Yet when "Tommy Robinson" (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) receives abusive tweets, does she tell him to grow a pair? No, she assumes they're all genuine and that this is a dreadful attack on a poor paramilitary passport fraudster simply trying to go about his daily business of burning down mosques (allegedly).

Incidentally, Mr Weston, you are a racist, but not because a bunch of your political opponents say so. No, it's because in your own video clip you set up the "British" population in opposition to the "Islamic" population. Never mind that most of Britain's Muslims didn't arrive in some mythical wave of third world immigration ordered by Tony Blair but were born here, as were their parents, and very often grandparents. It's the idea that there is some "population" of non-British Muslims in Britain with whom the "British" should supposedly be at war. So answer me this, Mr unelected Weston: what "population" is Islam?