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Sunday, June 02, 2013


The genocide of Rohinga Muslims in Myanmar has been going on for some time now, much to the delight of Bonni and her fellow Hitler fans (OK, I suppose they'd like it even better if the genocide was of Jews, but Muslims are a good second best and when they've been burned to a crisp it's hard to tell the difference). Well, now one region of Myanmar has taken its genocidal policy one step further (and all from the Adolf Hitler Playbook too) by imposing breeding limits on Rohinga families.

Meanwhile, where is Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi? Surely she has been speaking up for the thousands of her countrymen being slaughtered in the name of religion? She's no longer in prison, she's the leader of the official parliamentary opposition, so even if she felt it risky to campaign vigorously, surely she will have made some statement condemning the violence. Something like "Now now, chaps, play nicely and if you have to burn down buildings full of Muslims at least allow bystanders to throw water on them when they fall to the ground smouldering: keeps down the smell, don't you know." Yes?



Not a word.

I am beginning to think that Aung San Suu Kyi is no more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than Barack Obama. On the one hand, a President who executes Americans and non-Americans alike without trial (or even much attempt at identification, et alone avoidance of civilian casualties). On the other, a political big-shot who has parlayed her Peace Prize into power and status, and whose silence in the face of genocide is to all intents complicity in it.

Perhaps we need a regulatory body which could strip such people of their undeserved prizes in the same way that Lance Armstrong and Ben Johnson were stripped of their Tour de France and Olympic titles when their cheating came to light. I'm not suggesting that ASSK and BO have done nothing worthwhile (for that matter Lance Armstrong's tactical skill wasn't drug-enhanced, and he was racing against equally doped-up riders so he must have had considerable raw talent). But they don't deserve the prizes: and only Johnson and Armstrong have paid the price. Tha really should change, and soon.


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