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Monday, June 17, 2013

Papa Don't Teach

Sunday was Father's Day, and I received delightful cards from both my grown-up children. Friday, OTOH, was the last day of my teaching contract at Edinburgh College, and I received a very nice (and unexpected) card from my colleagues along with a bottle of wine. I hope to be asked back next term: it looks as though there should be some teaching hours available. I'll still be in college for a day or two, as I'm finishing off my end-of-term paperwork (and chasing up late submissions from students who have suddenly realised that actually, if they don't hand in that essay, they will fail the course). I'm happy to say that most of my students - at least, the ones who bothered to turn up - passed their various courses. I even got a card for "being an awesome tutor" from some of the trainee social workers I've been teaching about the internet. If they - and my other internet students - remember nothing else from my lessons, I think they will remember the origin of the term "spam" as applied to unwanted emails (it comes from this).


At 18 June, 2013 15:51, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

Quite a variety of things that you do. Is there another job lined up to replace the college?
Looking forward to you coming to the US.

At 19 June, 2013 00:37, Blogger Rob said...

Nothing lined up at present. Went for a permanent post at the college which I didn't get, and have applied for another, but it seems likely there will be some more temporary teaching hours avaiable next semester. But when I get back from the States I'll be trawling the job ads again to see if anyone wants a developer.


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