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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just another Israeli crime against humanity: move along, nothing to see here

Filmed evidence of the Israeli Defence Force committing crimes against humanity by indiscriminately using a biological weapon for the collective punishment of civilians.

I tell you, the end of this vile regime can't come soon enough. Meanwhile, Barack Obama funds these sad apologies for human beings to the tune of over $2 billion every year, while blocking any attemots by the rest of the world to organise any kind of miltary intervention to bring about regime change and a transition to democracy.

What will it take to stop people making excuses for the world's worst human rights abusers? The deliberate placing of booby-trap bombs to kill schoolchildren? The use of children as human shields? Illegal kidnappings on foreign soil? Breach of undertakings to the USA not to use weapons supplied by the US to commit the mass murder of civilians? Launching an unprovoked air strike against civilians in the capital city of a country with which it was supposedly at peace? Attempting to sell nuclear weapons to another racist regime with an appalling human right record? The murder of foreign civilians in acts of piracy? Or how about officially celebrating an act of terrorism in which 78 civilians, many of them British, were slaughtered?

I don't understand why we still allow this stain on humanity to operate an embassy in London, let alone an "Honorary Consul" in Scotland.


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