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Monday, June 10, 2013

Got my modem running...Heading out on the Information Superhighway.....

Hi. There was a short pause back there as last weekend our internet connection died. I was still able to get some connectivity (rather s.l.o.w.l.y) via my old Vodafone dongle. (The only reason I still had it is that I'd forgotten to cancel the account: Hilary reminded me just last week about it.) It seems our cable provider (Virgin) have greatly increased our bandwidth: so greatly that our old cable modem was unable to cope and just sat there flashing pitifully. Cue a call to the helpline, where after much running of online diagnostics my cable modem was officially declared antique and an appointment made with an engineer.

'Twas on the Monday afternoon the engineer came along...... and very efficient he was too. We now have a "Super Hub" with a built-in wi-fi router. There may be things about Virgin which are irritating: it took me a bit of web searching to find the helpline number as they assume you'll contact them online (tricky when your cable is offline), and it might have been more helpful to have known we would need a modem upgrade before it stopped working. But their customer service is mostly very good indeed. Go Richard Branson!


At 11 June, 2013 16:55, Blogger JoeinVegas said...

We've been given advanced notice by our cable provider - something about increased speeds, and a new modem suggested. Nice for things to get better. (I'm sure we are paying for it looking at our last bill)


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