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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

What are the Teapublicans covering up with their "Benghazigate" fakery?

The President seems to expect that the morons who drone on about "Benghazigate" will be interested in logic, or facts. Hello-o! These are the same illiterate Foxwits who still believe he's a Muslim "because he's never publicly recanted" (facepalm).

Tell you what: if you want to investigate delays and cover-ups, how come more than a week after a piece of aircraft undercarriage was found in a gap between buildings at the Park51 islamic Centre in NYC, the serial number we were told it bears has still not been matched one way or the other to either of the 9/11 aircraft? Could it be that it is in fact (shock!) unrelated to 9/11 and planted by opponents of the centre? Two aircraft, three set of wheels on each: how long does it take to check six numbers? And how did a piece of rope get tied to the wheels? And how did they get into a gap only an inch wider than they are with no damage to the wheels or the walls? How about a congressional hearing into Undercarriagegate?


At 26 May, 2013 15:49, Blogger Rob said...

Apparently now we're told it's not from the undercarriage but from one of the wing control surface actuators; that while it's from a 767 there is no record of which one it belongs to (really? how convenient an omission) and that the rope was attached to it by the people removing it (though they didn't take it off afterwards before having it photographed, and never mentioned using a rope until several days later when people began to smell Muslim-hating rats). Meanwhile, we still await a plausible explaining-away of how a piece of 767 could fall several hundred feet into a gap only one inch wider than itself, without either the walls or the aircraft part receiving any damage from the other. It's funny that the people who are most scathing about the credulousness of believers in the Prophet Muhammed's night flight to Jerusalem have no problem with this far more miraculous flight.


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