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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Move along, folks, nothing to see here, just another white "patriot" terrorist who is being investigated in connection with what may have been the biggest slaughter of American civilians snce 9/11

Is it not revealing that immediately after the Boston bombing the right-wing US media were all full of how it must be Islamic terrorism even though  it occurred on Patriot's Day and close to the anniversary of the Waco siege? And then when a huge explosion near Waco itself caused far more deaths and injuries than the Boston bombs everyone was claiming it was just an industrial accident? Because how could you pin it on Muslims? So it couldn't be deliberate, right?

So now it turns out that one of the first responders at the scene of that blast has been charged with possession of a pipe bomb (and if a pressure cooker is classed as a WMD I damned well hope a pipe bomb is, or is that a Muslim-only charge too?) we should be hearing loads of media speculation about domestic right-wing terrorism, right? (Listen to those crickets chirp.....)

Now even if the guy is a terrorist bomber it is far from proven that he was responsible for the factory explosion; and even if he did turn out to be responsible he might just be the kind of guy who likes causing exciting incidents to liven up his day as a paramedic. We don't yet know why the paramedic organisation that employed him fired him two days after the blast. It looks as though he's a nutty "patriot" bomber but for all we know he may never have actually blown anything up.

But compare the comparative lack of media interest with the frenzied speculation about the far less devastating Boston blasts, and it's hard not to feel that American domestic terrorism - which the FBI  accepts is overwhelmingly carried out by white males, many of them traumatised ex-servicemen - is totally invisible, and deliberately kept that way.

Meanwhile Bonni "Blame The Jews" Benstock-Intall distracts attention from the inconvenient revelations by calling on her tame thugs to desecrate the grave of Tarmerlan Tsarnaev. Because, as one of her commenters puts it, it's "just like this fiendish ideology" to give their dead a decent burial. Another moron reckons that the Muslims broke their own rules by allowing him to be buried even though nore than 24 hours had passed since his death. So presumably all those Muslim victims of 9/11 who couldn't be retrieved for several days should have been left to rot? Or the Muslims who died fighting for the USA? Sometimes you wonder whether these guys need carers to help them turn on their computers without hurting themselves or drooling onto the keyboard.


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