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Monday, May 13, 2013

Enemies within (three different ones) (with apologies to Pink Floyd....)

OK, hmm, let me see. A certifiable loon teaches members of the United States ammed forces that its enemies are not terrorists but Muslims. All Muslims: men, women, children, whoever. he teaches that the USA should consider killing as many Muslim civilians as possible becase the Geneva Conventions are no longer relevant. In fact, it should consider pre=emptive nuclear attacks on Mecca and Medina, those well-known hardened military bases, because... er, because.... well, because he read a book about Muslims once and it fwightened him. Yes, Matthew Dooley, I'm talking about you.

This gibbering tub of lard was rightly removed form his teaching position, but surprisingly allowed to remain in the service to bring further disgrace to his flag and his uniform. Then a week or so back the loon received the shocking news that the US Army (still paying this worthless layabout, please note) has declined hs application to lead a combat unit. LOL: as though we were qualified to lead anything. The guy should have been court-martialled for preaching terrorism and war crimes, but the US taxpayer is still paying for his beer and cable TV: so why is the privileged little whiner now threatening to sue the real soldiers who moved him to where he could cause no more damage to his country?

I note that Dooley's lawyers come from an institution which has on its board someone with considerable experience of war crimes, terrorism and disgracing his uniform. And sure enough, Allen West, disgraced ex-soldier and dumped ex-Congressman, who no longer has helpless civilians to torture or bigots to represent, has stuck his ignorant oar into this affair, as you will see if you can watch this interview without barfing. I am amused to note that Richard Thompson (Dooley's pseudo-lawyer, not the great guitarist) shares with G W Bush the misapprehension that "nucular" is a word. Apprenely Dooley is whining that after his bosses had tried to hide the filth he was spewing form DoD scrutiny, someone who saw him in action went and told on him. Woo-hoo! we can't have whistle-blowers protecting our constitution against people inciting war crimes! After all, he'd had all kinds of good reports before that. (Yeah, and Osama bin Laden had great feedback on his engineeering skills before 9/11. Clearly the Thomas More Law Center doesn't instruct its students, professors, fake lawyers of whatever kind, in the marsalling of relevant points.....)

Unindicted war criminal West believes that Dooley's calls for genocide of Muslims is defensible as "academic freedom". Gosh, so hitler could have defended himself from all those beastly accusations by just putting his ideas for killing Jews into a course and having it delivered to senior officers of the Wehrmacht as a lesson. Thompson reckons that the Muslim Brotherhood members who influence the Pentagon's decisions (oh, right, THOSE Muslim Brotherhood members.....edges away quietly) caused all this trouble to a poor wee soul who just wanted to be left alone and unidentified to spew genocidal hatred. "What do you think will happen to his career?" asks Thompson. The second thought that went through my head after "who the fuck cares? He's still sucking at the taxpayers' teat!" was that confessing to actually committing a war crime (not just inciting others to them) did Allen West's career no harm. He had to leave the military in a hurry of course, but there are plenty of well-funded people just waiting to throw recruit angry haters who feel agrieved that their entitlement to other people's money just dried up. I predict we'll see Dooley speechwriting for West or Bachmann or some other loon as soon as his lawsuit is flung out on its ear.

Still, West got one thing right. He said "We have to have courageous men and women that are willing to stand up and inform and protect the American people from this very dangerous enemy that has infiltrated into every aspect of our lives". Indeed so, Mr West, and its heartening to see just how many people are willing to stand up to inform and protect US citizens against America-hating filth like you, Dooley, and Thompson. It's a free country: you can all spout your hatred on Youtube or cable TV, but when you try to do it in uniform, at public expense, expect to have your worthless butts kicked out of town. because you're nearly a laugh but you're really a cry.