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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bonni and her fellow Holocaust revisionists disrespect the World War Two heroes who turned the tide against Hitler in North Africa (which of course is precisely why Bonni hates them)

Bonni Benstock-Intall, the Holocaust denier who wants to see the Nazis back in Germany and has adopted Hitler's birthday as her own, is annoyed that a Frenchman has drawn attention to the contribution of Muslims to the liberation of France in World War Two (I guess she's still smarting at the defeat).

Here is a good article on the contribution of Muslim soldiers to Britaian's victories in both World Wars. (Here is another on World War One.) Let's remember that it was the bravery with which the Muslims of British India had fought and died in the early days of the Second World War that led Winston Churchill to prioritise the foundation of a mosque in London in 1940 (they were dying to keep us free years before the USA even entered the war). This article lists some of the heroism shown by these men, described by General Montgomery as the best infantry division in North Africa. And of course the rector and others at the Paris mosque saved countless Jews from being sent to Auschwitz by giving them false identity papers as Muslims, and even erecting fake gravestones in their graveyard to back up their stories.

Mind you, we've seen how Bonni still ignores the contribution of fallen Muslim heroes fighting alongside American troops, so why would she worry about the ones fighting in Europe when she can barely find the continent on a map (she thinks the Coliseum is in Spain, after all).

It was of course the Zionist terror organisations in Palestine who were the supporters of Hitler. They encouraged the Nazis' deportation of Jews because this suited their goals, they signed treaties with the SS, and they attacked and murdered British soldiers. Meanwhile, Bonni the Nazi and her goose-stepping sheep accuse the Frenchman of falsifying history: this from the person who believes that the Nazis didn't make the Jews wear badges and that the Third Reich didn't restrict sexual freedom at all. All this loose talk of homosexuals being gassed and of Jews being forbidden to marry non-Jews is wicked revisionism, as is blaming the Nazis for the Holocaust (which was all the fault of Jewish Communist traitors to the Reich).

DS Dunlap, one of Bonni's Nazi sheep who lives in Omaha and runs an anti-democracy blog (explaining why majority rule is bad), tells us that it's strange how he doesn't remember seeing many pictures of "Mohammedans" among the Allied forces. (Damn these pesky brown people who all look alike: if only they had MUSLIM stamped on their foreheads). This genius informs us "I recall Nepalese Gurkhas, Indian Sikhs and Hindus, Africans of the British Empire, and Canadians serving the Allied Cause for the British Empire and Commonwealth. Senegalese, Malians, and Gambians from French West Africa in the Free French forces." So the Indians he saw were all "Sikhs and Hindus", even though India at the time included the whole of modern Pakistan and Bangladesh and the Indian army had nearly as many Muslims as Hindus (and twice as many as all the Gurkhas and Sikhs put together). And what religion does he imagine those "Senegalese, Malians and Gambians" followed? (Senegal 94% Muslim, Mali 90% Muslim, Gambia 90% Muslim). So despite the huge number of Muslims he admits were in all those armies, " somehow, my studies of history missed the 'vital' Mohammedan contribution to the Allied cause." I'm amazed Bonni didn't ban him for pointing out all those Muslims in the Free French forces, which after all is precisely what Bonni's invented history seeks to deny.


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