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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Back To The ..... well, the Past actually

Bonni the Jew-hating New Yorker must live in some kind of timewarp, where stories from five years ago are reported as being from last Tuesday.

Bonni Benstock-Intall: winding back the clock to Kristallnacht, five years at a time.

Update: her most recent post is entitled From hijab to G-string, Sahara is England's newest Muslim porn star. Mostly it's a link to a short documentary video which is interesting but not only very definitely NSFW but not for the very shockable. However, describing Sahara (full professional name Sahara Knite) as England's newest Muslim porn star when she started her career in 2004, the video clip must have been made around 2006 (as that's when her family found out) and the guy who produces her videos claims most of his British Asian models are Muslim does seem to suggest that there is a time vortex hanging over Bayside Drive in Queens.

Still, the poor dear (Bonni, not Sahara) is none too bright in other ways. "From hijab to G-string": Sahar doesn't wear a hijab, and much of the time when working seems not to wear a G-string either. "Muslim men jerking off to her videos": What, only Muslim men? I suspect millions of American teenagers saw Sahara playing a hooker in HBO's Game of Thrones a couple of years back. Deal with it.