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Sunday, May 26, 2013

....and still more music

last night Hilary and I were playing for Edinburgh Light Orchestra in the Queen's Hall. It was a busy night for Edinburgh concerts: the Edinburgh Choral Union were doing the Brahms German Requiem in the Usher Hall, Edinburgh Players were doing Haydn's Creation in St Cuthbert's, Meadows Chamber Orchestra were playing Bach and Handel in the Canongate Kirk, and somebody was doing the Nelson Mass in Greyfriars. Meanwhile we were playing The Big Country and the like. A few fun bits and bobs: we did Shostakovich's arrangement of Tea For Two which is ace, and "Where Is The Life That Late I Led?" from Kiss Me Kate.

And while we were playing a selection from Phantom of the Opera the violins had a little figure in the overture that reminded me (out of nowhere, in the deep recesses of the memory) of this blast from the past (1967!)

Keith West - Grocer Jack by Franc_6

The weirdest thing about that is that as recently as 1967 there were still ordinary grocers who hadn't been replaced by supermarkets. God, I feel old.


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