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Monday, April 01, 2013

Personally I think it's shameful that we still sell them weaponry when they have an innocent British political prisoner in the Guantanamo concentration camp

Oh, I forgot one thing when laughing at Bonni "It just might take a few Nazis to get rid of the Muslim plague" Benstock-Intall's made-up story about Obama arming the Syrian rebels. Not only is Obama not sending them sniper rifles, and not only does the film not show them using what she claims it does, but the AS-50 she claims is being supplied by her President isn't even an American weapon: it is a product of the proudly British firm Accuracy International, arguably world leaders in sniper weaponry. One of her commenters reckons the Syrians would have no trouble getting hold of ammunition: well, the large-calibre sniper rounds of choice (for everybody as far as I can tell, whether using Russian, British or American guns) are made by Lapua in Finland, and are thus covered by the EU embargo. Jeez, I knew that last snippet from reading Andy McNab novels, long before looking it up on the web.

Presumably it's because of her abiding loathing for Britain that Bonni can't bring herself to admit that her precious US Navy SEALS use British weapons because none of the American ones are up to the task.


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