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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Love of Aspects

One of my pet hates is watching television when a programme (or film or whatever) which was made with a 4:3 aspect ratio is being shown in a stretched-out widescreen format, making everyone ion it look as though they are being squashed by Jovian gravity. My wife feels the same, though it doesn't seem to bother either of our children: indeed, my daughter has been known to complain when I corrected the ratio on something that "It's too small now" and "It doesn't fill the screen". (To which the answers are "No, it's the same size but the right shape" and "Well, duh" respectively.)

Anyway, here is xkcd on the related issue of widescreen items being shown in 4:3. I like his thinking: I could implement the equivalent for my pet peeve by dropping a steamroller onto the car.

Incidentally, isn't it funny that we still call them steamrollers (and talk about policies being "steamrollered through") even though the vehicles in question had all changed from steam to diesel before I was born?


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