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Sunday, April 07, 2013

Help defend Israeli's security: beat yourself up, hook your dick up to a car battery, and arrange for someone to abduct your kids for a decade or so

I've just been looking at On Torture, which is a report from a workshop held in Jerusalem on Securing Accountability for Torture and CIDT in Israel: New Trends and Comparative Lessons (CIDT is "Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment"). It makes grim reading, though to anyone remotely familiar with the behaviour of the secret police and armed forces in that renowned "democracy" little in the report will come as a shock.

From what I've read so far, the best pieces are the one by Bana Shoughry-Badarne, explaining how - in spite of a 1999 ruling by the Israeli Supreme Court banning torture (though providing loopholes rendering such a ban worthless) - the Israeli secret police routinely torture suspects, are never punished (despite over 600 complaints of torture being brought not a single Shin Bet thug has ever been charged, let alone convicted) and the use of false confessions tortured out of prisoners is not only permissible but effectively impossible to challenge in Israeli courts; and the one by Gerard Horton on the particularly vile mistreatment of Palestinian children (abducted from their homes in the middle of the night without explanation by masked men, blindfolded, handcuffed and beaten, then subjected to brutal interrogation and incommunicado detention until they confess and are thrown into prison, generally in Israel where their parents - up to this time unaware of their whereabouts - are not permitted to visit them. And this is a regime where a child throwing stones at a tank can be jailed for up to twenty years.)

Of course Israel is not the only country in the world whose government rules by terror: but it is surely one of the very worst.


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