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Monday, April 15, 2013

Harry, Mohamed: they're so easy to confuse really.

Oh, puh-lease! Look, if Bonni the Bayside Nazi wants to protect the USA from the "scourge" of "Mohamedan" babies (read: get rid of the non-whites) she can dream on (what's she going to do, sterilize every Muslim herself? Or perhaps just do a Herod and use one of her dozens of guns to rub out any suspiciously brown-skinned picaninnies found polluting her all-white paradise? Good luck with that.)

But please: Mohamed the most popular boy's name in England? Get real. It's number 57. (At least, in the UK. I can't find separate England/Scotland/Wales figures, but (a) as England has most of the population it clearly is nowhere near the top (b) I doubt Bonni - who thinks the Coliseum is in Spain - realises that England and the UK are different places anyway.)

But please carry on demonstrating your lamentable ignorance of all things British. We love it.


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